Learn How Kaizen Retail Can Help

Our Products

We aim to provide a quality service and user experience through our intuitive mobile apps and web dashboards.

Our Process

We provided real-time reporting and communication between the retail store owners, management, and employees.

How does your store perform?

Utilize Real Reporting to see performance data from your stores It gives you invaluable insights into your store’s cost, labor, sales, and other key metrics.

“Interactions from corporate to management are particularly important, and you want to make sure those parts aren’t broken or slow”.
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    Real Time Results

    Real time access and reporting from your stores with familiar and easy to use analytic tools that enhance your ability to manage your business.

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    Kaizen Retail uses the latest in encryption technology both in transmission and storage.

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    No New Hardware

    Our easy to use mobile app works on the devices you already use. It can that can be loaded to either a tablet or phone of your choice with no additional proprietary hardware to purchase.

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    Best Practices

    Improved execution of best practices insures your customers will have a positive shopping experience that can result in more repeat business and higher basket rings.

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    Store Ranking System

    Strategically timed surveys empower every store to run like your best store. Our store ranking system provides the feedback managers need to insure ongoing improvement where it is needed.

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    Increased Execution

    The ability to show increased execution and lift to manufacturers creates more trade and marketing spend opportunities which can lead to an increase in promotions and secure more competitive pricing.

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    Easy To Use

    Easy to use manager dashboard enables surveys to be built to your exact needs.