Kaizen Retail Features

The most advanced retail management & execution app on the internet!


Keep Your Business On Track

Ensuring that displays are setup, promotions are running, and out of stock items are order are just a few ways to that we can help you stay on top of things.

Create Surveys

Creating surveys allows you to see the whole landscape of your retail operations from A-Z!

Easily Answer Questions

Surveys are meant to be answered in just a few minutes and with ease.

Respond With Photos

Receive proof that operations are running smooth by requesting a photo with survey submissions.


Coming Soon!

In our fall 2016 update we will be adding the ability for management to delegate checklists for team members.


Issue Tracking & Reporting

Are you having issues within your stores? Team members can now send in issue tickets for management to review and solve.

See The Whole Picture

Submitting issue tickets is just the beginning! Team members can also send photos and see if their ticket is pending, under review, or solved.


Communication Is Key

Two-way communication is a huge problem that retail organizations face. Management sends down instructions via email or meetings but who follows up to see if things actual went as planned?

Real-Time Notifications

Team members will get a notification when a message, checklist, or survey has been sent to them.

Profile System

Putting a face to a name is just one way we personalize the system. Having a face with every name in the system helps it seem less intimidating for team members.

Like What You See?

Kaizen Retail is free, with advanced plans starting at $10 per month!