About Kaizen Retail

Chris Medlyn

Co-Founder & Sales
Chris has the corporate background in the consumer packaged good industry that brings Kaizen to life. Chris had the idea for Kaizen while serving in the role of broker manager. The industry knowledge that Chris brings to Kaizen Retail is what gives Kaizen Retail its advantage! Chis has an understanding of the pain points that retail stores face trying to execute new ideas!

Johnathon Marvell

Co-Founder & Tech
Johnathon has always had the entrepreneurial bug. Being a good programmer is just a plus in his skill-set. From running a web development firm to building a retail management app, Johnathon has a versatile skill-set that he brings to the Kaizen Team. The execution strategy that Johnathon brings to Kaizen Retail is what has allowed Kaizen Retail to develop quickly into a company!